Short-Haired Golden Retriever

Short-Haired Golden Retrievers
Short-Haired Golden Retrievers

Are you looking for a short-haired golden retriever?

Short-haired golden retrievers do not exist technically, but some goldens do have shorter hair than others. In this article, we’ll look at the truth about short-haired golden retrievers, how to deal with golden retriever shedding, the various types of goldens, and how to find the perfect golden for you.

There is no such thing as a golden retriever with short hair. Some golden retrievers, such as field golden retrievers, have shorter hair than others. Don’t cut their hair because it could endanger their health and damage their beautiful coats.

Which Golden Retriever breeds have shorter hair?

Although there is only one breed of a golden retriever, there are several variations within the breed. The field golden retriever, also known as the field bred golden retriever, is one of these variations. These goldens are bred for hunting and fieldwork. They’re determined, athletic, and devoted. They are also darker in colour, sometimes even red.

Their coats are typically shorter.

Short-Haired Golden Retriever

On the other hand, there are golden retrievers that have been bred for show. Field golden retrievers are bred for their personality, athleticism, and drive, whereas show golden retrievers are bred for their temperament and appearance.

They’re bred to look like the breed standard for golden retrievers, which is a stocky body with a long, flowy golden coat, according to the judges. Goldens from show lines is not your best bet if you want goldens with short coats.

Can You Keep Golden Retriever Hair Short?

Yes, Golden Retrievers’ hair can be trimmed to be short. However, only specific areas of their coat, such as their paws, toes, and ears, should be trimmed. It is best to take Goldens to a professional groomer.

Pet owners do not need to be concerned. Goldens shed naturally to maintain the balance of their coat. As a result, it is best not to shave a Golden’s coat because it will continue to shed. Worse, the Golden’s coat will be permanently damaged and will never be the same again.

Fur parents considering getting a Golden Retriever may be put off by their fur shedding. However, shedding is unavoidable, and they may shed all year. It may become even heavier as the seasons change. Pet owners, on the other hand, can help keep it under control.


Brushing Golden’s hair at least once a week removes excess hair in a controlled manner. It can also assist pet owners in checking their dog’s skin for ticks, abrasions, or other issues that need to be addressed. Goldens enjoy the sensation and extra attention, so they will quickly integrate it into their routine.

2.High-Quality Food

All dogs should be fed high-quality, nutritious dog food. A proper, high-quality diet is essential for the skin and coat of a Golden Retriever. As a result, they are less likely to shed more hair than necessary.


Swimming is an excellent way for most Goldens to exercise. In addition, Goldens have a natural affinity for water. If you take them swimming outside, make sure to bathe them afterwards.

4. A Comfy Bed

Goldens will most likely shed in the area where she spends the most time. As a result, a comfortable bed in a secure location can help reduce shedding near or on your furniture.

5. Regular Bathing

The majority of Goldens enjoy baths, and it is an effective method of hair management. When the dog is bathed, the fur that is about to be shed, as well as the fur that is still clinging to their coat, is washed away. Keep in mind that bathing Goldens too frequently can cause skin and coat problems.


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