Long Haired Dalmatians

Long Haired Dalmatian
Long Haired Dalmatian

A long-haired Dalmatian is a breed variant of the short-coat Dalmatian. They are also referred to as a long-coat or “LC” Dalmatian. Because the long-coat gene is recessive, a long-haired Dalmatian is unique.

When two Dalmatians with the LC recessive gene breed, there is a chance that their offspring will have long coats. It is thought that LC Dalmatians once had a 50-50 split with the short coat variety.

The long-coat has been “bred away” over time. Because it’s not considered a breed standard by various kennel clubs and cannot compete in shows.

Physical Appearance

Long-haired Dalmatians are a relatively new breed to the Dalmatian family. When viewing a long-haired Dalmatian for the first time, one may believe that they are not purebred, but this is simply not the case. Every aspect of a long-haired Dalmatian is purebred, from temperament to personality.


Being long-haired does not imply that they have long, wavy hair like a Maltese or a Shih-Tzu. However, this is not the case; long-haired Dalmatians are not fluffy Dalmatians; they are fluffy, but not as much as some other long-haired dog breeds. Long-haired Dals have coats that are 2-4 inches long and feature in the tails, ears, and legs.

Height & Weigh

Long-haired Dalmatians are medium-sized dogs, just like regular Dalmatians. Their males, like many other dog breeds, are slightly taller than their female counterparts. Whereas the average height of a male long-haired Dalmatian ranges from 21-23 inches, that of a female long coat Dalmatian ranges from 19-22 inches.

Long-haired dals weigh 45-70 pounds and have a muscular body that is elegantly proportioned. However, because Dals tend to overeat, your pup is likely to be heavier than the average weight. If this is the case, you should be more cautious about their daily diet, nutrition, and exercise.


Dalmatians are normally the sweetest dogs, with no aggression. They are devoted to their family. They can easily get along with other pets and friendly strangers after socialization and obedience training. Unfortunately, due to their high energy levels. So these dogs are not suitable for apartment dwellers.


A long-haired Dalmatian’s food intake is solely determined by following factors.

  • Age
  • Size
  • Health conditions
  • Physical activity

A daily serving of 1.5 – 2 cups of high-quality dog food is sufficient for an average active Dalmation. Feeding them fried human food, cat food, or stale food can cause a variety of health issues.

Long Haired Dalmatians

Long Haired Dalmatians As A Good Family Pet

Yes, these dogs make excellent family pets. Dalmatians with long coats are friendly, loyal, gentle, and protective animals. When properly socialized at a young age, they are an outgoing breed that usually gets along with different people and other animals.

This breed, on the other hand, has a bad reputation for being aggressive. This can be happened due to lack of training.

Health Issues

Incidence of Deafness

Dalmatians are more likely than other breeds to inherit hereditary deafness from their parents. This condition can’t be treated or cured. However, its occurrence can be reduced through responsible breeding. They can’t hear anything because they’re deaf in both ears. Deafness in Dalmatian puppies is also strongly linked to parental hearing status, according to research.


Hyperuricosuria, also known as urolithiasis. It is a hereditary defect in the metabolic system of dogs. It can affect any dog breed, but Dalmatians, Bulldogs, and Black Russian Terriers are more prone to it. In this condition, there is an excess of uric acid excretion in the urine, which leads to the formation of kidney and bladder stones.

Signs of Hyperuricosuria

  • Frequent and painful urination
  •  Blood in urine
  •  Straining


All Dalmatians have a proclivity for overeating. It will not be an issue if they lead an active lifestyle like running, exercising outside on a daily basis. But if they do not, they may become obese. They have a voracious appetite. And that can lead to weight gain and, eventually, health problems in older dogs.


Do Long Haired Dalmatians Shed?

Dalmatians are well-known shedders. The same can be said for long coats. Dalmatians with long hair have hair that is 2-4 inches long. Moreover, unlike other breeds that only shed during certain seasons, Dalmatians shed all year.

Are Long Haired Dalmatians Aggressive?

The Dalmatian is one of the top ten aggressive dog breeds, but the Chihuahua is also on the list. Long-haired Dalmatians are intelligent and loyal dogs. But they can develop bad behavior if they are not trained, socialized, or placed in the wrong homes.


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